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Hello you lovely people,

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My name is Barbara and I work as a certified hypnotherapist and coach in Munich (Germany). Unlike many colleagues, I try to help my clients in only one session and I never use pre-written scripts. I see each client as an individual and nothing makes me happier than receiving positive feedback! It's still the most amazing thing for me to realize, that I have helped someone! I'm specialized in PEAK PERFORMANCE (being able to show yor best performance when it comes to exams, sport competitions, auditions,...) and SEXUAL PROBLEMS, but I'd also love to help you with whatever bothers you. For more info about myself and hypnosis, check out my Youtubechannel "HYPNOLIEBE". There are German videos as well, but I will also add many English ones soon!


First of all: It's not dangerous and no - you will NOT quack like a duck! It's a normal state of mind that you are in many times every day anyway. Do you remember that feeling, when you're sitting in your classroom, thinking of something, suddenly your teacher says your name and you're like "What? What's going on???" Congrats - that's a trance! It's a state of mind, in which you are focused on your inside. Another example: You're walking on a crowded street thinking of what you will have for dinner. Than someone says: "Hey, so nice to see you!" And you realized that you just looked at someone you know but haven't recognized him. Why? Well, you were in a beautiful trance. A trance is neither a sleep, nor a general aenesthetic! And it has nothing to do with stage hypnosis! Of course, you can come see me in my office in Munich, but if don't live here, you can also book online consultations and sessions.


* online consultations via Skype/Zoom
(it does NOT include a hypnosis, but talking and giving advice)

* online hypnosis session
(it includes writing/ talking about your problem before the session + a real hypnosis session via Skype/Zoom + writing about your progress a few weeks later)

* each additional hypnosis session
(about the same topic)

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